Sunday, October 28, 2012

Just foreplay.

To begin, my name is not Vivian. I'll get to the Vivian, later, I promise. It is not a random pseudonym by any means.

I love sex. I love everything about sex. I love how it feels, how it tastes, how it looks. But more importantly, I love what it does for us. What other adult activity can we get away with such amazing things as dressing up, panting with desire, tying each other up, putting whipped cream on fun places? It's a playground! But it's also a classroom. Sex teaches us more about humanity and relationships than just about anything else can... if we let it. Obstacles to this very sense of discovery are plentiful, no doubt, but I fully intend to dive in with wreckless abandon, and while I'm doing so, I'll gladly take you with me.

I read a lot about sex. Fantasy, medical, psychological, tantric, erotic. I find it all fascinating. I'll do some book reviews as part of this blog to give you some ideas to help unleash your inner sexual being. It will be fun. I know, I'm doing it too.